RANET Pacific Information
RANET System in Operation at Apia Met Office
Current Server Status

NOTE: VZF553 is currently the only server available and for Telnet connections only.


HF Email - Not Available
Telnet - Not Available


HF Email - Not Available
Telnet  - Normal Service

Latest Stations

3 new RANET Stations join the Pacific Network.

Samoa -
Apia Met Office

Samoa -
Tokelau Apia Liaison Office (TALO).

Tokelau -
Nukunonu Is.

RANET Asia Pacific is and collaborative initiative of the Australian Bureau of Meteorology and the New Zealand Meteorological Service with assistance From AusAID, USAID, US NOAA, US GCOS, and UK Met Office.

(RAdio and InterNET) originally piloted in Africa has been implemented in the Asia Pacific region by the above agencies. RANET provides low cost, reliable, standalone communication systems for remote locations and backup systems for essential services at Meteorological Services and Disaster Management Offices. For further information see the RANET Project Website iepas.net/projects/
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